One and a half years after the release of their debut album „Of Inner Cities“, the Basel-based ensemble BLEU ROI opens up a new chapter. The single „Darkest Hour“, to be released in May 2018, is a foreshadowing of their next EP, which will be recorded in Gothenburg this summer and is planned to be released in the Spring of 2019.

„Darkest Hour“ is one of the most minimalistically-conceived songs BLEU ROI has ever produced. A choir of twenty singers provides a reflective sound background, and the instrumentation is restrained and attentive. Over this mesmerizing soundscape Jennifer Jans sings heartfelt and thought-provoking words, pensive, sometimes a little painful. Only at the very end the guitar joins in, a little like the shimmering last rays of the sun before nightfall. It is like a glimmer of hope after this moving and contemplative piece.

BLEU ROI’s music, stylistically influenced by atmospheric Dream-pop and singer-songwriter luminaries like José Gonzales and Bon Iver, does tend to be infused with a streak of melancholy. The creative work of this band is colored by the principle that contrasts bring something into motion and eventually lead to unity. These contrasts, here labeled as „Light“ and „Darkness“, result from observations the composer and lyricist Jennifer Jans has made in interpersonal relationships and society. The duality of „Light“ and „Darkness“ will be an important focus in the upcoming EP.