History and Making of «Dark/Light»


This is a video of our band history from our first show in 2013 to the making of «Dark/Light» (25/10/19) at Svenska Grammofonstudion in the summer of 2018.

Production and cut by Stefan Rüst (www.stefanruestphotography.com)

Shots in the video:
Acoustic show at Photobastei Zurich (2013), shots from the videoclip «Be» (2013) and «Tomorrow» (2014), our EP Release show at the Kuppel Basel (2013), a show in New York City (2014), the preproduction for «Of Inner Cities» in our rehearsal space with György Barocsai (2015), a private garden show (2015), the recordings for «Of Inner Cities» at Svenska Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg (2016), our show at The Amber Room (2016), shot from our videoclip to «Home» (2016), our show at Neubad Luzern (2016), a live session at Radio Virus (2016), snippets from our Germany tour (2017), our show at Im Fluss Festival (2017), a shot from our videoclip to «Darkest Hour» (2018) and the production of the song together with the Stimmbänder choir at Alterna Recording Studios (2018), shots from our rehearsal week at the Ideenhaus in Selisberg (2018), the production of «Dark/Light» at Svenska Grammofonstudion in 2018.

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