New song «Onomatopoetry (Dark)» out now!

Onomatopoetry (Dark) was just one of those songs that came to be. All we had was a six year old synthesizer line, an idea of a melody, and a whole lot of thoughts and energy. We worked on it together with our producer Gyorgy in the studio for a day last summer, and just simply experimented: we clapped, we hit, we danced, we shouted, we mooged, Axel played the saxaphone linked through his guitar pedals (which I got to play with…).  Yes, it was really a lot of fun! And you can definitely hear Axel and Stefans’s influence (hello prog-rock guitars!)

I remember feeling so angry at the world for so many different things at that point (for those of you who know me, it’s not really a side you get to see that much…), and it felt so good to have an outlet, to be able to say things you don’t normally get to say… and it’s not only the words, it the energy that for me, only exists in music. In any case this song really means a lot to us, so we’re really happy to share it with you today. We think it’s a song you should listen to on your headphones, and give it two or three spins.

Here you go: